Our ingredients change with the seasonal local availability.  We offer vegetarian and vegan options.  We also offer an "add meat" option. Meats are sourced from Foothills Local Meats, or Mountainside Family Farm.

Veggie Club Sandwich

**Vegetarian or vegan available **

*Vegan made with plant milk cheese and Veganaise*

City Bakery Rye bread, cucumbers, hummus, colby jack and cream cheese, fresh and pickled veggies, mustard.


Swannanoa Steak Sandwich

Beef from Mountainside Family Farms, City Bakery Hoagie bun, cream cheese, pickled onions, Colby Jack cheese, mustard.


Asian Sesame Noodle Salad (vegan) GF

Rice noodles with fresh and pickled veggies, hoisin dressing, sesame seeds.


Kale Yeah! Salad (vegan) GF

Kale from Glass Bottle Farms, dressed in lemon basil tahini vinaigrette.  Accented with carrot, beets, cabbage, celery. Comes with gluten-free crackers.


Garden Salad (vegan) GF

Mixed local greens with roasted beets, carrots, shredded cabbage, other seasonal veggies.  Dressed with lemon basil tahini vinaigrette.  Comes with gluten-free crackers.


Mediterranean Box (vegetarian or vegan) GF

Hummus, salad, vegan stuffed grape leaves, cheese.  Comes with gluten-free crackers


NEW! Pimento Cheese Box (GF)

Stockwild Pimento Cheese, cucumbers, kale salad, gluten-free crackers.


Get Crunchy! Yogurt Parfait 

Vanilla Greek yogurt with fruit and granola.


Nacho Fresco Kit

Queso Fresco, tortilla chips, salsa, banana peppers, slaw.


Quesadillas (vegetarian, vegan, or meaty) GF

Heat and eat

Soft corn tortillas filled with cheese and seasonal veggies. Add meat, or make it with vegan cheese for $1 more.