• Team Stockwild

New summer menu.

Here is the new summer menu. Look for lots of garden fresh specials, and enjoy the Reuben while it’s here. It’s days are numbered. Currently, quantities are limited by the constraints of local production.

Part of our business model is a focus on sustainability. Many people are finally realizing that the meat industry as it exists in America is not sustainable. We choose to only serve locally sourced, humanely raised and more sustainable meat options but it’s a big complicated issue. To make a long story short, we will probably stop producing pastrami within the next few months and focus on making the tastiest vegetarian fare possible. This will be good for the sustainability of our business, good for environmental stewardship, and good for everyone’s health.

PS have you ever driven your car behind a livestock trailer hauling beef or swine to the slaughterhouse? I did the other day, and the smell, sight snd overall feeling seemed like a clear sign that I do not want to participate or profit in that business for a living.


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